Field Barn & Hedge End Farms

Its mid summer and the crops will soon be harvested.  Oil Seed Rape will be the first to be cut and  if you re stuck behind our tractors, combine or trailers then we thank you for your patience.  Everybody needs to eat!



Commited to the Environment.  We believe that modern farming can co-exist with nature.  Our farms are in Natural England's Higher Level Stewardship programme and as part of this we create habitats for species such as corn buntings, lapwing, and skylarks.  More than 10% of our land is given over to wildlife habitats.

Commited to Animal Welfare.  We are a family business and our animals are important to us.   Our cows and sheep have the very best nutrition and veterinary care.  We believe that if we look after the animals then they will look after us.

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Commited to Quality.  We aim to produce food to a high standard.  We like to work with customers such as  Jordans Ryvita who appreciate the way we operate and understand the importance of sustainability.  Our farm produce is LEAF Marque accredited

Commited to People.  Our staff and the people within our local communities are important.  Communication is critical and we achieve this with regular newsletters and participation in Open Farm Sunday.